Stream of Consciousness: Laundry


That moment when you’ve done all the laundry in the world because you’ve been stuck at home for days on end due to a wintry mix of snow, ice, and sick children but it’s all good because the only thing left for you to do to prepare for an almost-impromptu family weekend to our nation’s capital city is pack but then you take a moment to cuddle and put on Mr. Rogers for your newly-potty-trained child who has been potty training herself for over a year but likes to do things in her own way and time but you think, hope, and pray that this might honestly, truly, and finally be the real deal and you both fall asleep in your bed because you have a recent aversion to coffee and the kids don’t believe in sleeping when they’re sick or well for that matter so staying awake is a challenge and when you wake up you realize she’s not wearing a nap-time diaper but you don’t want to disturb her because she’s had a fever for the past 2 days and she really needs her sleep full well knowing that she will have an accident when she wakes up which is exactly what happens 2 hours later and suddenly you have an infinite amount of laundry to do…again… #shannanagins365

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