Somewhere Over the Rainbow: 12.2.14

IMG_5665Our local community center has a Christmas tree in its lobby that the kids are naturally curious about and enamored with. They ventured over to get a close up / hands on look and asked what all the tags were for.

On the tree are tags with names of elderly folks who need or want items for Christmas. The program is called Elves for the Elderly and you pick a tag and get the item/s on the back for the person.

Bud and K-Mad wanted to pick a tag from the Christmas tree at community center for the program Elves for the Elderly. They asked me to read the names so they could decide who to get a gift for. After reading about 25 names, they both settled on Dorothy for the following reasons:

Bud: Da Wizawd of Oz was made a wong time ago so Dowothy is pwobabwy weawy owd and can’t get huh own Chwistmas pwesents.

K-Mad: Actshuwy, see needs somefing to get huh back ova da wainbow

Bud: Yeah, but see aweady came back wif huh shoes. Now we dust need ta send da pwesent fwom Pennsywvania ta Kansas, I fink.

K-Mad was also very concerned that Elphaba didn’t have a tag but Bud reassured her that she can get her own gifts because she can do magic…

Needlesstosay, my little munchkins are doing their small part to take good care of Dorothy this year and spread the magic and love around.

#GivingTuesday #Wicked-ly thoughtful #SomewhereOverTheRainbow

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