Convos with Kids #247365711: The Puppet Show

Spoken lines during today’s “dress rehearsal”:

Bud as Bumblebee: Hey Snow! Wow. You wook gweat! Come wif me to my fake school. It’s weally a cwub. Dust hop in my caw….


Lady J as Rapunzel: No! Don’t touch that! It’s electric and you’ll get shocked. Watch me try it. {Bzzzzzzzzzzzz!} Hey! That was TOTALLY AWESOME! Watch me zap myself again! I think I’m glowing now!


My take aways:
1) teach Bud to not be #THATguy
2) #facepalm
3) #WTF?!?!?!
4) #parentingfails {big time}
5) miles to go before I sleep…
7) seriously, #WTF?!?!?!?!
8) Overall I’d give the performances and the original script 2 thumbs up. The show was full of completely unexpected plot twists…


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