The Dark One

Bud has a darker complexion than the rest of our family, which has, no doubt, been the root of a few awkward conversations:

A few months ago I brought him to the barber. I asked for a number 2 on top and a 1 around the sides. When the barber was done he asked if I wanted a “shape up.” I politely declined and he asked, “Are you sure? All the Puerto Rican kids are doing it.” The reality is that even if we were Puerto Rican, I still don’t like the look. But I couldn’t figure out how to politely tell him that was not our nationality without sounding either rude or possibly discriminatory, so I just smiled and declined again. #profiling?

A few months later we were back at the barber. When he was done with Bud’s cut he asked, How do you say thank you?” Bud replied, “Thank you!” The barber responded, “No, you say gracias.” Bud retorted, “Or you could say Todah Raba! That’s Hebrew for thank you!” The conversation ended there. #speechless

Yesterday, Bud had his kindergarten assessment. The school where he was tested happens to have a high population of Hispanic students. Upon entering, a teacher greeted Bud with a hearty, “Hola!” Bud politely answered, “I don’t speak Spanish,” to which she inquired how he knew it was Spanish. He gave me ‘the look’ and answered very matter of factly, “I’ve seen Dora.” #facepalm

I think he’s beginning to simultaneously spot the pattern and to realize that he’s smarter than most adults… #justsayin’

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