CWK: Wascawy Wabbit!

Originally published on facebook on November 21, 2012

Bud: m m m m m mommy! Da da da dawe’s a wabbit n n n n next to da pond!

Lady J: No, Bud. It’s a rrrrrrabbit, not a wabbit. Say dat. Rrrrrrabbit.

B: I I I I I did say dat! See? Wabbit!

J: No, Bud. You said “wabbit”. Now say rrrrrrabbit.



The conversation escalates into some back and forth yelling and after a minute Bud calmly looks up and says:

M m m m m mommy, I see a bunny outside!

Very reminiscent of the argument I used to have with my older sister before I went to speech therapy… Except that Bud is apparently intelligent enough to figure out synonyms before his third birthday… We’we in so much twouble…


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