Awkward Convos with Kids: A Natural Continuation

The following conversation is a natural continuation of previous conversations we've had with the kids regarding human bodies, reproduction, and how it all fits together. These conversations each begin with child lead curiosity and are followed by age appropriate discussions using honesty, real words for anatomy, and answering their questions, no matter how awkward or uncomfortable it may be.

This is not the first conversation we've had on the matter, and will not be the last. We believe in education over ignorance and communication over silence.

That being said, this is what I woke up to this morning:

Me to Kennedy: Have you seen Jordyn and Max? Why is the bathroom door closed?

K: Because Jowdyn got huh pewiod.

Me knocking on the bathroom door: Ummmm…. Everything ok, Jord?

The door opens and Jordyn and Max emerge.

J: Mom? You know the book we're reading about our bodies?

Me, yawning: Yehhhsss…

J: Well I was just telling Max that girls actually have 3 holes. I forget the name of the pee hole, but I couldn't see all of mine.

Me, still waking up and not thinking clearly: Okaaayyy…. It's called a urethra. It's hard to see. I could get a small mirror so you could see, if you want.

J: Nah, that's ok. I'm pretty flexible. I'll look again later. So then Max asked how many he had. I didn't know so he had to look. He only has 2. Is that normal?

Me: 😳

Me, after regaining my composure: Yes, that's normal. Boys have 2.

Max: One for the pee and one for the poop?

Me: Yes. But let's remember that privacy is important now that you're getting older.

J: Oh yeah. Okay. But where does the sperm come out if there's only two holes?

Me: 😵

Max: What's sperm? I don't have any of that!

K, chiming in from her seat on the couch while watching Doc McStuffins: Guys, a spewm is a kind of whale. Memembuh we leawned about dem on Wild Kwatts?

J: Not that kind of sperm. A boy's sperm is what fertilizes a girl's egg.

K: Well I only know about the whales!

Me: Whales are important to know about, Kennedy. I'm glad you're learning about them! And that's right, Jord. Sperm can fertilize the egg. Max, your body isn't making sperm yet. You're not old enough.

J: That's right. He has to go through puppetry first.

Me: Puberty

J: That's what I meant. I think I'm starting that. See? My breasts are starting to grow.

K: Doze awe your nickels, not bweasts.

J: Nipples. Not nickels. Nickels are coins.

K, throwing her hands on her hips: Well I call dem nickels!

Me: Kennedy, the real name is nipples. Jordyn, you might be starting, but chances are, you have at least 3 to 4 more years before you'll go through puberty. But only time will tell.

J: I know. But I could be just starting. But where does the sperm come out?

Me: It comes out of the hole at the end of the penis, the urethra.

Max: But that's the pee-pee hole!

J, looking horrified: Wait a minute! That means a boy might pee instead? That's disgusting. I am never doing the special touching sex thing when I'm married. I'll adopt a baby instead.

Me: That's not exactly accurate and I think we need to read a bit more in your book and discuss this further, later. But it is your body and absolutely your decision. Plus, adoption is a wonderful idea, no matter what you decide or you and your partner decide together about having children.

…tune in for the next installment of Awkward Convos with Kids in a few days/weeks/months…

Reference books we like:

  1. It's Not the Stork: Robie H. Harris
  2. It's So Amazing: Robie H. Harris
  3. It's Perfectly Normal: Robie H. Harris
  4. The Care and Keeping of You: Valorie Schaefer
  5. The Boy's Body Book: Kelli Dunham

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