CWKs #247365711: Loop Holes

Beach House TV Rule:
No TV while the sun is OUT.

This rule, new for this year, has surprisingly been working remarkably well, 3 days in…until this morning:

Bud: Uuuuuh, Mommy? Is it supposed to wain today?

Me: No, its supposed to be a beautiful day.

Lady J, looking at Bud as though theres a plot afoot: How ’bout tomorrow?

Me: There’s a chance of thunder storms tomorrow.

Bud, unabashedly smirking just like Mr. TheKing: Dat is weally gweat news. Fo weal, weally gweat…

Me: Why? 

Lady J, smiling her devilish grin: Because, your rule is that there’s no TV while the sun is OUT. If it rains, the sun won’t be OUT from behind the clouds so we can watch TV!

They high-five each other in celebratory solidarity, knowing they uncovered a massive loop hole in my rule…

Revised TV rule:
No TV while the sun is UP. This new rule comes complete with a science lesson on both the Earth’s orbit around the sun, cloudy weather, and a math lesson on TIME.