Fawts Awe Awways Funny


K-Mad is happily reading (playing with) the book “Farts in the Wild” while Lady J & Bud are busy cleaning up and IMG_4475putting toys away.

Bud, clearly recognizing that she is not doing her fair share of the work, walks up to her and sternly says, “K-Mad, stop futzin’ awound. It’s time to cwean up!”

He then turns to me and starts hysterically laughing, “Ah-hahahaha!!!! Get it, Mom? See’s futzin’ awound cause see’s weading the FAWT book! Hahahaha! I finally told a joke with a good punch wine!  YES! Now DAT was funny!” He saunters away still giggling, amused and full of pride… #fartsarefunny

{Meanwhile, down the hall, Lady J is busy telling Grandma the “Interrupting Fart knock-knock joke” Grandma was not nearly as amused by such shannanigans…}


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