Classic: 1.23.15

Lady J, on the way home from school: Punch Buggy Blue Classic! Hey, Mom? Is ‘classic’ synonymous with ‘old?’

Me: I guess it can be. It’s synonymous with a few different words.

Bud: Ya mean wike it can mean a bunch of things?

Me: Yes. Classic can mean ‘retro’ or ‘vintage’ or….

J, interrupting: So, ‘old’ in ‘made in the olden days’ or ‘old fashioned’ but you still think it’s cool because you’re classic too?

#touché #wellplayed

Ps: Next week’s vocabulary lesson will include ‘nostalgia’ as in ‘remember the good old days when you were little and didn’t have any inkling that you were smarter than your mother’ and ‘remember back when you were also sweet without the sass?’

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