Dinner Convos with Kids

Bud: Guess what?

Me: Chicken butt

Take away: whole family in hysterics because I said, “chicken butt,” except Mr. TheKing because my response was inappropriate and sets a bad example. 


Lady J questions if I will die before Daddy since I am older. (It was related to a birthday conversation)

Mr. TheKing (jokingly) responds: Women generally live longer because men work and have added stress while women watch soaps and eat bonbons.*

Take away: sets children’s perception of equality and reality back to the 1950s #facepalm


Poll: Whose joke was more inappropriate and detrimental to our children?

*Let it be publicly noted that Mr. TheKing and I have a running joke about what I actually do all day as a SAHM and his response, in no way, reflects his actual knowledge or opinion of said reality

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