Convos with Kids #247365711: The Angry Toddler

K-Mad, emerging from her bedroom well past bed-time: I’m DONE wif my waw paint. 

Me: What wall paint?

K: Da picta on my waw. You need ta cova it up. Paint it white. 

Me: I painted that mural just for you. It’s your special wall. Your special picture. 

K: Wew, I don’t wike it anymo. I’m done wif it. I don’t want it. You can dust paint ova it.  

Me: K-Mad, that’s not a nice thing to say. That hurts my feelings.  Maybe we’ll talk about it in the morning, after a good night sleep. Now it’s time to go back to bed. 

K: You awe bein’ mean ta me. You awe da meanest mommy. 

Me: K-Mad, you’re not filling my bucket right now. You’re dipping into it. 

K: Mommy, you need a bigga bucket…


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