Oh Ya Can’t Get To Heaven…

My mom used to sing us a song that I’ve recently introduced (remembered) to the kids:

Oh, ya can’t get to heaven, 

On rollerskates,

‘Cause you’ll roll right by

Those pearly gates…

I ain’t gonna cry, no more, no more…

Oh, ya can’t get to heaven,

In Grandpa’s car.

Cause Grandpa’s car

Won’t get that far…

There are several things wrong with this song, not the least of which is that being of Jewish heritage we don’t believe in heaven, per-say, but that is for a completely different post…

Anyway, the kids love the song and find it hilarious. They have been trying, to no avail, to add on verses for the last several weeks. Their rhyming, iambic pentameter, and humor still needs tweaking…

Well, wouldn’t ya know, Bud came up with a fine add-on verse during our trip to “Tayjay” today, that he proudly sang (LOUDLY) throughout the store:

Oh you can’t get to heaven, 

On mommy’s tush, 

‘Cause mommy’s tush, 

Has a prickly bush!

I ain’t gonna cry….mostly because I was laughing too hard….

Sooooo…..how was your day?


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