CWK #247365711.2: 28-35 days later, the continuation of the conversation…

The following conversation is a natural follow-up to a conversation that began this past spring, when Lady J’s first grade class hatched chicks and learned about fertilized/unfertilized eggs. It then continued over the summer when the children learned of menstruation due to a bathroom door that doesn’t lock and an unrealistic expectation of parental privacy. This is the third installment and will undoubtedly NOT be the last:

Mr. TheKing (MTK) is getting dressed while Lady J is in our bedroom, which is {not surprisingly} quite common in parenting land:

Lady J: Daddy, what’s that thing behind your penis?

MTK, looking at me, horrified, yet knowing what he has to do: It’s called my scrotum.

J: What’s it for?

MTK: Well, you know how Mommy has eggs inside her?

J: Yeah, so is that where your fertilizer is?

Me: hysterically laughing and eager to see where this conversation goes

MTK, taking advantage of this “teachable moment”: That’s right! It’s called sperm.

J: So how does your sperm fertilize Mommy’s egg? Like, how does it get there?

MTK turns sheet-white, clearly unexpecting this logical follow-up…

Bud enters the room: J, do you want you come build with me?

And with that, they both leave the room and MTK faints on the bed, not looking forward to the follow up conversation* that’s sure to happen any day now…

#soTHAThappened #awkwardparentingmoments #convoswithkids #truth #birdsandbees

*Recommendations on age appropriate and honest children’s books:

Ages 4+ – It’s NOT the Stork by Robie H. Harris

Ages 7+ – I’s So Amazing by Robie H. Harris

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