That moment when you’re soaking in the tub for the first time in 7 YEARS because baths aren’t really your thing but between athletic injuries, motherhood, moving (several times), doing your best at finding-the-funny, staying positive, and life-in-general you figure that perhaps it’s time to try out this Epsom Salt fad, so you light your one aromatic candle (because candles aren’t really your thing either because, well, FIRE) and you fill the tub with organic, non-gmo, gluten-free, super-fruit-extract, ass-firming bubbles mixed in with a few teaspoons {and-then-some} of relaxing lavender scented Epsom bath salts and hunker down, eyes closed with a glass of {boxed} red wine in hand {because you’re fancy like that} and just as you’re maybe-sorta-kinda-starting to get it, you hear the giggles of two little girls whom you had foolishly assumed were sleeping soundly for the past 45 minutes because it’s 9-farking-PM and bedtime was 2 HOURS ago and as you denyingly open one eye you see them disrobe and begin to climb in with you while both taunting and laughing at you, and you protest IN VAIN and finally give in because you remember that baths aren’t really your thing anyway… #motherhood #giggleswithmygirls 


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