CWK: First Tooth

Last week, Bud insisted he had a loose tooth. We checked it out and although Mr. TheKing had his doubts, I was sure that I felt a very faint wiggle. Based on my experience with Lady J’s first tooth, I was certain that we had months before Toothiana would make an appeance. I may have misjudged…

Bud: Mommy! Mommy! Look! My tooth came out in school! My first lost tooth! I lost it! Isn’t that great?

He shows me the new space between his teeth and tiny treasure box in his hand which holds the white tooth inside.

Me: That’s awesome, Bud! So how did it fall out? I didn’t think it was that loose!

Bud: Well, I was stwummin’ my shoelaces and the laces just took it wight out! It didn’t even huwt! I didn’t even know shoelaces could do that!

Me: Well congratulations. And please don’t use your shoelaces to remove anymore teeth. That’s not what they’re for. And they’re not musical instruments either. At least not when you’re wearing them…  ———————-

In related news: I’m glad that I learned to write cursive. I hope it makes a comeback in schools. It’s a handy skill to have when convincing your children they’ve been visited from Neverland or the North Pole. Toothiana and Santa aren’t known for their texting, though I’m sure there’s an app for that.  

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