CWK 24-7.365/7-11: Uncle Buzen

Lady J, pouting: I can’t find my coat. I’ve looked everywhere!

Me: Have you tried looking in the living room? I thought I draped it over the chair. 

J: Mom, I’ve looked everywhere! It’s nowhere and now I can’t go outside, because you won’t let me. 

Bubbe: Why are you pouting about this? Are you the Pout-Pout fish?

J: I am not pouting. I’m just really upset because I can’t find my coat. 

Bubbe: Well there’s no need to be so ungebluzen. We’ll find it. 

Me: I’m sure it’s here. It can’t have walked away by itself. Have you looked in the laundry room?

J: I’ll never find it!

K-Mad: Dat’s cuz Uncle Buzen took it!

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