Redefinition: Holidaze

Holidaze: noun

That moment you realize you have scheduled your wisdom teeth to be removed on Friday and have completed zero holiday shopping even though Hanukkah starts on Sunday plus this is your first Christmas in your new house and have absolutely no decorations with the exception of a few ornaments and hand-me-down trinkets and yet you miraculously get it all done in one non-stop whirlwind trip to the store while your children are in school.

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holidazed & confused: verb

The feelings I will undoubtedly be experiencing this weekend while lighting the menorah next to the advent wreath after having afore mentioned wisdom teeth removed #notsowise

This #redefinition brought to you by P&BS {Parenting & Baloney Sandwiches} and sponsored by Murphy’s Law Firm, the only firm you can count on for true accountability.

Please light the lights responsibly this holiday season.

This site not responsible for any nonsensical posts made for a minimum of 72 hours post operation…

#holidaze #happyhanukkah #merrychristmas

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