Awkward Convos with Kids: Fake What?

Jordyn: Mom, did you know that scientists are trying to figure out how to use stem cells from bone marrow to create sperm?

Me: I did not. That’s very interesting.

J: Yeah. It means that 2 women can potentially have a biological child together.

Me: That’s really cool!

K: So how would they get the sperm inside? Do they just shove it up there?

Me: Basically. It’s called artificial insemination.

K: Well that’s a big word.

J: Is that IVF?

K: What’s IVF?

Me: IVF is an acronym for in vitro fertilization. That’s a little different than insemination. For IVF the egg is fertilized by the sperm outside of the uterus and then transferred into the uterus. For insemination, the semen, which is the fluid with a lot of sperm, is put into the woman in hopes of fertilization and pregnancy.

J: So what makes is artificial? It’s not like it’s a fake pregnancy or baby or anything.

Me: That’s just because the insemination doesn’t occur through sex.

K: Huh… So they make the sperm, shove it up there, and then when it’s time, she poops the baby out! Science is SO cool.

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